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Teacher Allocation/Funds Request Form

Yearly Allocation and/or Funds requests: The allocation form must be received before requests will be processed. 

FAME (Fine Arts and Music Enhancers): FAME aims to enhance the arts offered in the Clear Creek Amana School District so that the students of Clear Creek Amana develop a lifelong appreciation of the arts. We support and encourage comprehensive enrichment for the students and staff in the Fine Arts district-wide. Our goal is to use our resources--time and money--to provide enhancement for the most students possible. We define the arts as including, but not limited to, the following: Elementary Art, K-12; Vocal Music, K-12; Instrumental Music, 5-12;  Visual Arts, 6-12; Drama and Speech, 6-12.  Reminder:  Please make sure you have completed the District Reimbursement Form and have your Principal's Approval prior to submission.

Request Type:
Can any of the items be used by other CCA Fine Arts programs?
If your request exceeds program allocation amount ($300), do you have other funding avenues available to cover the balance?

To download click the PDF below.

Thanks for submitting!

Yearly Allocation requests: Allocation form must be received before requests will be processed. All forms should be emailed to

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