The Giving Tree...

At the Clear Creek Amana Fine Arts Music Enhancers we believe every student deserves the opportunity to express their creativity through Music, Voice, Dance, Speech and Hands.

The Fine Arts are a fundamental key to development and growth from Kindergarten to Senior year.  It is the foundation of higher abstracted critical thinking not to mention it is just plain fun.  But as with many programs across the United States the Fine Arts are continually at risk to be unfunded. We believe people and organizations like you and yours and help us ensure in the Clear Creek Amana School District our students have the financial support they require to be ARTISTS.

Your generosity will be prominently shown on
The Giving Tree which is proudly mounted at the entrance to the Clear Creek Amana High School Performing Arts Center.
To become a permanent part of this majestic symbol of the enduring legacy of the arts please fill out the form below.

A member of FAME will contact you about arranging payment.

"There are two lasting things we give our children.
One is roots and the other is wings."

Download the Giving Tree Form

FAME Fine Arts Booster Club is a non-profit group committed to supporting education and activities in art, drama, speech, choir, and band for all Clear Creek Amana students, from kindergarten through 12th grade. Through our fundraising events and volunteer activities, we have been able to provide the district fine arts teachers with funds for needed supplies to enhance the fine art experiences offered to all CCA students.



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