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If you wish to make a donation to CCA FAME to assist with the financial support of all the work FAME does, please click the PAYPAL link below. 
Remember donations are tax deductible.


If you would like to make a 
single donation to CCA FAME,
it is greatly appreciated. 
To do so click the PayPal link below.

be a superhero

Visit our SignUp Genius page to see what exciting volunteer opportunities are available to support CCA FAME!


If you are looking for a way to be more involved with FAME, we need your help! Below are the descriptions of our teams, and the chairperson to contact for each if you are interested in joining.  More hands are always welcome!  Below are some areas to get involved with:

Plan and organize special promotional and support events throughout the year, and coordinate speakers to introduce FAME to audiences at school programs.  

Solicit business memberships and secure donations, grants, etc. 

Create and distribute marketing materials for FAME and its events, update the FAME website and Facebook page, and create and distribute our monthly newsletter. 

Assemble a list of members and help grow our membership.  

Promote, organize, and coordinate our annual scholarships, including establishing an impartial selection process. 

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