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September 2023 Agenda and Minutes

CCA FAME Monthly Meeting

Monday, September 11th · 6:30 – 7:30pm

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Attendees: Quanda Hood, Lindsey Downes, Becky Bethke, Michelle Emmel, Kelly Scheiltz, Peg Van Zante, Mary Trimpe, Jill Daly

Facilitator: Quanda Hood

Note taker: Becky Bethke

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Statement of Activity and Financial Position

  1. Events

    1. Homecoming Parade 9/14 - Brad Schloss Truck (also for Oktoberfest)

      1. Decorations ✅

      2. Sign Up or just Show up

      3. 1000 fruit snacks and stickers for both events✅

    2. 365 Nutrition - Working on getting the number.

      1. We made $250.

    3. Tidal Wave Car Wash has a digital fundraiser. - Winter Fundraiser

      1. Quanda will reach out after the fruit sale.

    4. Light Up Oxford - date - 12/1

      1. Need Sign Up Genius

      2. Reach out to Brittany about carollers

    5. West Music – possible gift wrapping event (Sherry Worthington, VP at West Music)

      1. Saturdays and Sundays starting the weekend after Thanksgiving through the Saturday before Christmas.

      2. Are we interested?

      3. What kind of money can we expect to make?Done

    6. Mums Sale - Peg/Kelly/Michelle Update

      1. $1780

      2. Mums bought in lots of 40 (but we can get lots of 20)- how many over what we need are we thinking we will purchase?

      3. Payment - Check the day of, or can she take Venmo?

      4. We are at 89 pre-sales so far. We should have 11 for sale that day.

    7. Iowa Hawkeyes - Quanda

      1. Looking for a group on Saturday, September 16th for the game vs. Western Michigan.

      2. Kick-off is at 2:30 pm; gates open to fans at 1:00 pm, and volunteer report time is 11:30 am.

      3. Our open stand, Stand 2, requires 22 people to operate and does not serve alcohol.

      4. If you have volunteers interested but cannot commit to filling all 22 spots, we will split the stand and earnings accordingly.

      5. Might be able to split with West Branch Fine Arts Boosters.

      6. Saturday is also the Homecoming dance.

      7. Quanda to ask about other opportunities for other games (Volleyball, Wrestling, etc.). SEPT OCT

    8. Fruit sales - Lindsey

      1. Date and plan submitted to District/High School.

      2. Mark, Kurt and Maury are on board

      3. Waiting to hear from Brad K at the High School and full approval through School Dude.

        1. Quanda to reach out to Kurt.

      4. We can proceed with opening up sales - may just have to state pick up TBD.

      5. Pick up will be December 8th.

      6. We will be selling the same stuff as last year, with the exception of 2 bags that were dropped.

      7. Prices will remain the same as last year. Everything will go through the website.

    9. Competitions

      1. Linn/Mar - 9/23 - done and will post today

        1. Lunch at LinnMar

      2. Oktoberfest/Five Seasons - 9/30 - done and will post before Friday

        1. Lunch at the High School

      3. Muscatine 10/7 - done and will post before Friday

        1. Pizza from Little Caesars

    10. Summer Carnival - summer 2024

      1. Need to update sign-up and send it.

      2. Planning to send it next week.

    11. Monster Band - Meeting to discuss not yet planned.

      1. No updates as of yet.

    12. Concessions:

      1. Show choir for basketball and wrestling.

      2. Quanda to reach out to Kurt for dates.

      3. Can middle schoolers help with concessions? Yes, they can.

    13. Michelle would like to see if we have the full list of show choir folks and make sure we have our list updated. Quanda to give Michelle access to the back-end of the website to have access to the list.

  1. Past Events

  1. District Needs

    1. Clipper Conservatory - $700 paid for 7 instructors

    2. Drum Major Ladders - $2282 paid for 3 ladders

    3. Trailer Band Wraps

      1. No update as of today

    4. PAC Upgrades -

      1. Wall Mount for TV - $19.99 - Paid

      2. Was handled by contractors in doing other work so no cost to us.

    5. Quanda talking to Chris about starting an AV club.

  1. Family Memberships

    1. Tier I - $50 - Live

    2. Tier II - $75 - Still working on getting this setup in Wix, complicated to get the right setup.

    3. We will also have membership cards, and Quanda will try to have FAME seating at events.

      1. I am working on a digital card that folks can keep on their phone and show at events.

  1. Yard Signs

    1. Should have it ready to go by Monday of next week.

    2. Need to build out customer form.

    3. Did finalize details with Fast Signs in Clive.

    4. We will do a 70/30 split across the board with the Booster club.

    5. Quanda to ask Kurt about adding to the programs.

  1. Finances

    1. Treasurer Approval - Lynette Williams - Grant Writing?

      1. Lindsey made a motion to put Lynette in as treasurer. Becky seconded the motion.

    2. Statement of Financial Position:

      1. The accountants found something in the accounts.

      2. The various accounts seem rather out of balance. We will keep some money allocated in the color guard and concert band accounts. Goal is to have the most money in the middle school and high school band accounts.

  1. Miscellaneous

    1. Transition plan

      1. Quanda is to step down in two years.

      2. One year of “transition” as Chair (consultant only)

      3. Out by 2027

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