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May 2019 Minutes

FAME 5/14/19, 6:30 p.m. CCA Band/Chorus Meeting Room, CCAHS

In attendance:  Tracy Williams, Nicole Alcorn, Linda McNeil, Kim O’Connell, Quanda Hood, Carol Preston, Geoff Emmell,.

Treasurer’s Report – Linda gave out the report. The MS SEIBA concession stand profit was $1,400. That will go into the MS band account. Next year will need to do more coordination with Elise and SEIBA to get a better sense of the amount of people planning to eat, and timing. The concession stand workers had to run out many times to buy more pizza and other supplies.

Ms. Williams said that there shouldn’t be a Choir account and the amount, from the Pancake Breakfast, in that account should be consolidated and be included in the Show Choir account.

Talked about the $300 allocations. All allocations unused will be zeroed out for this year. No allocations will be carried over. Next year (beginning August 1), programs will have until May 1, 2020 to request their funds. After that they will be zeroed out for the year.

The Amana Community Chest gave FAME $1,000 this year, and Carol sent out a thank you note. Carol will ask Amy Tackaberry for contact information and the application form for next year.

The donation basket from the spring musical intermission was $503 - $105 in lemonade and cookie cost for a net of $350.

John Smith ordered fall marching band music for next year. Steve Andreason is ordering supplies and Pat Flaherty is requesting music stands.

Barb sent an invoice to Linda for new replacement acorns for the Giving Tree.

Carol suggested we add a line to the allocation request form to indicate if the teacher has ordered, or if they want us to order for them, so that is clear from the initial submission.

Carol moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. It was approved unanimously.

Reviewed the minutes from the April meeting. Quanda motioned to approve, and Linda seconded. Approved unanimously.

Scholarships - There were 2 scholarships given this year to Seniors, Mikayla Tackaberry and Audra Schultz. Linda asked how we were going to pay them. Kim said that the counselor, Mr. Reisinger told her the school wouldn’t be involved in that. Kim is going to check with Lori Robertson.

The board will re-visit the scholarship forms and process again this fall and make adjustments as needed. Carol suggested that we set aside a certain amount of funding for future years scholarships and it was suggested that we put those funds in money market.

Membership – Next year we will consolidate the date into a database. Quanda was going to look into using a database program within the website. Talk about pro-rating memberships or what to do when people or businesses join later in the year. Maybe a cut off date and if they join in the spring, that would be a membership for the following school year.

Team Reports – Will do membership tables at the MS concerts, May 16 and May 28. Geoff looking for people to help with those. He has plenty of inserts and will need the square in case there are new memberships and they want to pay.

May do membership drives just in the fall and spring rather than all year.

Quanda said that we may be able to get more involvement or membership by offering the option to volunteer rather than pay the membership fee.

Need to brainstorm about donation container ideas.

Kim O’Connell and Amy Tackaberry will head the Events Team for next year. They will be working on a FAME events list.

Carol has started adding “tasks” to the FAME google calendar. You need to click on the tasks view option to see them on the calendar. That will give us some heads up on things that need to be done throughout the year. Ms. Williams will give us the Vocal Music and Speech Calendars for next year. Carol will ask Mr. Smith, Debate, Art, MS vocal and MS band, and elementary for their schedules.

Other news – Ms. Williams said that the school will be purchasing a new 4 stair riser for next year.

Budget Preparation – Carol presented a draft of a budget. Will need to get actual cost data from Linda. Tabled to a work session.

Band Uniforms – Lisa Persels did an inventory and recommended purchasing 5 new men’s jackets. Last year FAME bought 15 new uniforms and the school agreed to purchase 30 more in the spring of 2019. Quanda will be contacting Mr. Smith and Lisa about the uniforms.

Non Profit status – Carol mailed the 1023 application. Linda is the contact on the form.

Officers – Linda will remain as Treasurer for at least another year. Michelle Emmell will assist the Treasurer as needed. Linda mentioned needing help taking deposits to the bank, helping out with the square at events, making purchases, getting change, etc. Will get 2 credit cards for the upcoming year. Carol will stay as Secretary. Quanda Hood was voted in as a Co-Chair. Kim moved to approve, Carol seconded, and the vote was approved. There is one opening for a Co-Chair. Quanda wanted to keep working over the summer with meetings and work sessions so that we are prepared for the fall. Nicole will continue in the Marketing Team and work on newsletters for the next year. Amber will lead Membership. Geoff will lead Fundraising. Amy and Kim Events. Barb, Scholarships.

New Business – going to get a trophy for the Iowa HS Musical Theater performance. Kim will pick up the trophy.

Mr. Reisinger will present the scholarships on Wed. May 15 at the Senior Awards.

Quanda mentioned that there are a couple new Family Liaison staff at the school. She would like FAME to sponsor a couple Art Therapy nights for kids and their parents involved in this program. Maybe try to have the first event in September or October.

Meeting ended at 8:30 p.m.

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