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March 2019 Minutes

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

FAME 3/14/19, 6:30 p.m. CCA Band/Chorus Meeting Room, CCAHS (DRAFT)

In attendance:  Mick and Amber Scheetz, Kim O’Connell, Quanda Hood, Carol Preston, Amy Tackaberry, Geoff Emmell,.

Approved February minutes.

Treasurer’s Report approved.

Old Business –

Geoff received another business membership, Portraits by Jeanna. He is going to make sure the ad is in the musical program and included in inserts for other spring concerts.

Scholarships – Quanda thought 2 applications had been submitted through the website. None have come through email yet. Barb has the scoring tool Kim brought copies of the scoring tool to review. There are not judges yet. David Hamilton was mentioned as may having ideas. Ideally we would like to have three judges. Agreed that gender should not be a criteria.

Giving Tree – Carol needs to check in with Plexicraft to see if the holes have been drilled. Barb said that she sent the leaves to Banker’s Advertising. Barb is donating $200 to reach a level with Banker’s Advertising that the leaf printing is economical.

Window Clings - Determined we would table the topic of window clings until next school year.

Budget Preparation – Kim agreed that FAME should do this, and that maybe we can work on it over the summer. Linda was sick, but the board wants to talk with Linda about how she would want to start working on it and if she wants to use Excel or Quickbooks.

Musical – There are 14 seniors in the musical. Linda will order roses. Either Kim or Linda will pick them up. Kim asked Geoff if he would ask for 90 doz. cookie donation from HyVee. Kim will post a musical Sign Up Genius a couple weeks prior to the performances.

Non Profit status – Carol summarized the meeting with Gordon Fischer, a lawyer specializing in non profits. Lawyer would charge FAME $4,000 to complete the 1023, application for 501c3. Any additional work, i.e. negotiations on any potential penalties, etc. would be an additional cost. Completion of the 1023 would also require a great deal of input from the board for information. He said that he would not file the past 990 forms at this point, but wait to see what the IRS said after the 1023 had been processed. Kim made a motion to move forward with the 1023 form and have the board work on it due to expense. Quanda seconded it, and the motion was approved. The board will work on the form during a work session and not use the service of the lawyer.

Pancake Breakfast – Don’t have all the totals compiled yet. There were approximately 300 people served. The gross receipts were $2,078.87. We have not received an invoice from the school for eggs and butter though. We will want to reduce our request for ham, as there was a lot left over. We had 100 lbs and should ask for 50 lbs next year. Had 7 gallons of pancake syrup, but should lower that to about 5 gallons. Amy T. got a $50 gift card from Walmart donated and used it to purchase about $75 worth of syrup. Did not do the Silent Auction this year. Determined that it has been a good income and next year should start earlier, in the fall, collecting items.

Monster Band – Income from the supper served before Monster Band was $816.42. Last year that was a little higher, but we offered FAME members ½ price meals. Usually FAME intends to break even, rather than be a fundraiser. Purpose is more of a convenience for parents.

Bill Riley Talent Show – There was a $120 net profit from concession sales. Used some leftover products from previous events. Next year we should serve just hot dogs, candy, chips, popcorn. The event was about 4 hours.

Teacher Allocations – There were a couple allocations in the last month, Andreason for $264.14 and drama for $298.64 for lights for the pit. FAME added an annual allocation account for Jazz Band for $300. The total annual allocations are $7,200.

Ms. Williamson had emailed a question to Kim about teacher allocations, asking if she could receive an allocation for concert band, Jazz, and 8 grade band. The board explained that the allocations are based on program rather than individual teachers. Decided that Jazz Band should receive an annual $300 allocation.

Band uniforms – have not heard from Band about a need for more concert or marching band uniforms.

Marching Band equipment request – Ms. Williamson requested, through an email to Kim, that FAME purchase marching band sound equipment from the Colt Cadets. The board asked that she submit a formal request and use an allocation form to fully describe the purchase, cost and use and funding breakdown. Kim is going to ask Stephanie and John to present the information to the board.

New Business -

Officers and turnover – Kim and Amy will be leaving their board positions after the end of this year. They both indicated that they are still willing to be involved in FAME and willing to offer information and advice. (THANK YOU!) Will need to announce these openings and encourage FAME members to consider serving. FAME board will work on more fully describing our duties, and what the role and expectations of FAME is.

SEIBA MS Honor Band event is Wednesday, 4/17 from 2-6 pm. Approximately 600 students. There will be a concession stand and meal options. Quanda suggested an alternative approach, where FAME can help and guide events like this, but is parent led.

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