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June 2023 Agenda and Minutes

CCA FAME Monthly Meeting

Monday, June 12th · 6:30 – 7:30pm

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Approval of Minutes

Approval of Treasurer’s Report

Still an open Treasurer Position

  1. Upcoming Events

    1. RAGBRAI is coming through the Amana Colonies/Oxford on July 28th 10-6.

  1. 8500 people

  2. Bananas $1, Water $1, Electrolyte Water $2, Gatorade $2, Trail Mix $2. - Check that bananas don’t require Health Dept. - They do not.

  3. RAGBRAI stop is in Oxford on Main Street. Exact location still needs to be assigned.

  4. Can we have students singing/playing music?

  5. We’ll set serving 3000 people as our goal.

  6. Marketing

    1. Banner with items for sale and prices.

    2. Do 2-hour shifts for volunteers?

      1. 2-3 people on pickles

      2. 2-3 people on drinks

      3. 2-3 people on trail mix & granola bars

    3. Facebook posts

    4. Tiffin & NL Mamas?

    5. Tiffin Newsletter?

    6. Quanda will start a sign-up

  7. Costco Idea??? Lindsey will reach out to the lady who assisted us with the flowers to inquire about possibly being able to line up what we need from Costco to buy/pick up in one shot.

    1. U-Haul - this will be move-out day locally, so we might want to line up the U-Haul ahead of time or perhaps ask Kurt if we can use the smaller trailer. - We think this will work but will discuss 7/10

  8. Karaoke Night? Date Night/Holiday Shopping? Summer-ish Carnival?

    1. Plan carnival for next summer. Ask now for folks to volunteer for a planning committee.

      1. Quanda to make an advert and send it to all members on the website. Let the team review before sending.

  9. Tidal Wave car wash has a digital fundraiser. - Winter Fundraiser

  10. 365 Nutrition - fundraiser for show choir (Suz)

    1. Suz and Lily will coordinate this. - Quanda to email Suz and ask. - Date set for 8/27

    2. Will target a Sunday in the summer.

    3. Have the kids do some promoting on social media.

  11. Band Camp Leadership/Freshman Lunch

  12. Show Choir Lunch

  13. Car Wash - In band camp letter

  1. District Needs

    1. Old - Marching Band Trailer Wrap

      1. John has been working on alternate quotes.

      2. Can we put a logo, or something, on the trailer to acknowledge FAME’s contribution?

        1. Add the FAME logo w/ the QR code.

        2. Or have: provided by CCA FAME & the logo, but no QR code since that will link to the website.

      3. Kurt will follow up on the logo, and the design, and make a plug for FAME, adding our logo. (Kurt not able to attend this evening so Quanda will reach out.)

      4. CCA FAME is now an affiliate group of the school district.

    2. New - Marching Band Trailer

      1. District to cover Trailer Cost

      2. FAME to cover wrap and accessories

    3. PAC Upgrades -

      1. Quanda to reach out to Kael and get an update.

      2. Still looking for a commemoration opportunity

  2. Family Memberships

    1. $50 for Individual

    2. Tiers to be set up - SWAG in progress - Targeting 2023/2024 School Year

  3. Business Memberships

    1. Business Letter

    2. Need help to reach out to other businesses.

    3. $500.

  4. Swag for Tiers

    1. Lapel Pin - very inexpensive, base-level membership, easy to wear at events

    2. New T-Shirt

    3. Yard Sign

      1. Sample is done and being shipped.

  5. Monster Band - There is a meeting to discuss Monster Band and where it can be held???

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