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July 2023 Agenda and Minutes

CCA FAME Monthly Meeting

Monday, July 10th · 6:30 – 7:30pm

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Attendees: Quanda Hood, Lindsey Downes, Kelly Scheitz, Becky Bethke, Elaine Watson, Peg Van Zante, Jill Daly

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Treasurer’s Report

Still an open Treasurer Position

  1. Upcoming Events

  2. RAGBRAI is coming through the Amana Colonies/Oxford on July 28th 10-6.

Link to Vendor Packet

  1. Finalize and determine items to purchase and sell: Bananas $1, Water $1, Electrolyte Water $2, Gatorade $2, Trail Mix $2.

  2. Send order to Costco

  3. CCA Fame will be located in the paved space to the north of Peerless

  4. Can we have students singing/playing music?

  5. Ask went out to Fine Arts Teachers for any performances.

  6. Brittany talked with Suz for Show Choir

  7. We’ll set serving 3000 people as our goal.

  8. Marketing

  9. Banner with items for sale and prices. - Quanda to take care of this.

  10. Facebook posts

  11. Tiffin (Lindsey) & NL (Quanda) Mamas?

  12. Tiffin Newsletter?

  13. Website Email

  14. Tiffin City Hall - Electronic Sign

  15. Depot - Electronic Sign

  16. Make sure Fine Arts Teacher

  17. Logistics

  18. Can place an order for all items with Costco.

  19. Set pick-up date - Thurs July 27th?

  20. Pallet is 48 cases of water

  21. Quanda & Lindsey to go to Costco and talk to Rick.

  22. Bananas

  23. Trail Mix - how many/box, box/pallet?

  1. Rent U-Haul or see about borrowing a band trailer from school.

  2. UHaul doesn't have fridge trucks, but Penske might?

  3. We have to file something with Johnson County to let them know that we won't have items that need to be refrigerated.

  4. Johnson County Health has to come out and inspect everything at 8am.

  5. Quanda will do this tomorrow.

  6. Pallets of water can be purchased from Crystal Clear Water ($378?).

  7. They can deliver the water. Unsure if they have a way to keep it cold.

  8. Quanda to call Crystal Clear tomorrow.

  9. Quanda created a Sign UP Genius. Two hour shifts, starting at 10am.

  10. Summer Carnival - summer 2024

  11. Plan the carnival for next summer. Ask now for folks to volunteer for a planning committee. N International Festival - Being Planned by the District, conflict? Possibly at the end of the 2023-2024 school year?

  12. Quanda to create a signup genius for planning committee.

  13. Tidal Wave car wash has a digital fundraiser. - Winter Fundraiser

  14. Light Up Oxford - date - 12/1

  15. Advertise better

  16. Line Up Carollers

  17. 365 Nutrition - fundraiser for show choir. We get 40% of the profits.

  18. 8/27 - 8 am to 1 pm

  19. Have flyer for

  20. Band Camp Leadership/Freshman Lunch - 60 people

  21. 7/31 - 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

  22. Sandwiches

  23. Drinks, dessert (cookies)

  24. Paper goods

  25. Peanut allergy - (avoid bakery items at Hy-Vee)

  26. Show Choir Lunch

  27. 8/9 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

  28. Sandwiches

  29. Peanut allergy (avoid bakery items at Hy-Vee)

  30. Quanda - Double check with Tracy on count

  31. Car Wash - Saturday 8/12 9-3

  32. Three locations - Oxford is still in the works

  33. Elementary School, Fire Station, Church?

  34. Theisens, The Depot in Oxford?, First National Bank in Oxford? Hummer?

  35. Lindsey to work on Oxford location.

  1. District Needs

  2. We meet with the district on Sept 14th at 6pm for the Affiliate meeting.

  3. We need to provide a copy of the bylaws, budget, and officers.*

  4. We will give them Teacher Allocations and the things we generally do from year to year, but we will not give them the proposed money up front.

  5. Trailer Band Wraps

  6. Need one piece of clip art for the final design.

  7. Chris and Quanda are working on finalizing the design.

  8. Our name, logo, and QR code will be included in the design.

  9. Quanda working on getting 3 quotes.

  10. PAC Upgrades -

  11. End of Summer is when we are expecting work to be completed.

  12. Drum Major ladders - these were not ordered previously. These will be ordered ASAP.

  13. Family Memberships

  14. $50 for Individual

  15. Tiers to be set up - SWAG in progress - Targeting 2023/2024 School Year

  16. Business Memberships

  17. Business Letter - updating

  18. Need help to reach out to other businesses.

  19. $500.

  20. Giving Tree

  21. Mutual Fund

  22. Swag for Tiers

  23. Tier 1: Lapel Pin/Sticker - $50

  24. Tier 2: T-Shirt plus Tier 1 - $75

  25. Tier 3: Yard Sign plus Tiers 1 and 2 - $150

  26. We will do a blue background w/ white lettering and a white background w/ blue lettering option and use the CCA approved font.

  27. Peg is willing help out and to manage the management of the signs and riders.

  28. Have purchaser pay for shipping if they want to have shipped directly to them. Free (reduced) shipping if shipped to Peg & pick up at an arranged pick up time.

  29. Have these only available for Tier 3 members.

  30. There is no discount for multiple signs.

  31. What do we do about the sports boosters? Or only offer fine arts if the boosters/school doesn't want to participate?

  32. Monster Band - Meeting to discuss not yet planned.

  33. Won't be able to do in the gym this year. Looking for alternative locations.

  34. Amana Performing Arts Center?

  35. Park Place in Tiffin by Casa Tequila, in the grassy area?

  36. District Office?

  37. Parking Lot at the school?

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