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July 2018 Minutes

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

FAME 07/16/18, 6:30 p.m. Green Room, CCAHS

In attendance: Kim O’Connell, Linda McNiel, Nicole Alcorn, Tracy Williams, Amy Tackaberry, Jeff Tackaberry, Geoff Emmel, Carol Preston, Elise Van Holsteijn, Nicole Beckley, Steve Andreasen, Brian Burkhardt, Suzanne Schloss, Krista Buser, Troy Wolfs, Emily Chatfield, Mick and Amber Scheetz.

FAME Organization Changes Information Meeting – Welcome/History- Kim OConnell

Where do we go from here- Jeff Tackaberry, Geoff Emmel

Membership Model- Amy Tackaberry

Q & A- all FAME council

Teams/Chairs- divide and meet: decide on August meeting,look over list of responsibilities, ask Questions of current FAME members. Share contact info.

Membership Team Leader - Suzanne Schloss. Potential team members - Amber Scheetz, Susan Liddiard, Melanie King, Linda McNiel

Events Team Leader - Amy Tackaberry. Potential team members - Lisa Persels, Carol Preston, Kim O'Connell, Amber Scheetz

Scholarships Team Leader - Kim O'Connell. Potential team members - Barb Wiese, CCA district Arts/Music teachers will also consult in this area

Fundraising Team Leader - Geoff Emmel. Potential team members - Jeff Tackaberry

Marketing/Publicity Team Leader - Nicole Alcorn. Potential team members - Michelle Emmel, Mick Scheetz

FAME Board Meeting -

The Board met briefly after the informational meeting and voted in Kim O’Connell and Amy Tackaberry as Co-Chairs, Linda McNiel as Treasurer, and Carol Preston as Secretary.

Agreed to discuss By-Laws at the August meeting, in order to give board members time to review.

Next meeting - Monday August 13, 2018 at 6:30pm in the CCA Band.Chorus Meeting Room.

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