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CCA FAME Senior Scholarship for School Year 2023/2024

The CCA School District’s Fine Arts and Music Enhancer (FAME) Committee is offering two $500.00 scholarships for graduating seniors in the class of 2024.  This scholarship is available for students pursuing a major in the study of fine arts and/or students wishing to continue the pursuit of participation in their interest in fine arts.

Requirements to apply: CCA District Seniors graduating in 2024 must submit this completed application to the CCA FAME Scholarship Committee by April 1, 2024. Please submit your application to this email contact or fill out the online application below.  

Please direct questions to  

You can submit your application several ways:


Fill out the form below online and copy/paste your essay
into the last text box.


To download the application
click the PDF here:



Upload your copy of
the application here:


Email your application: 

2.  Academic Information

1.  Applicant Information

3.  Family Information

Skip the next two entries if address is the same.

4. College/Post High School program you will be attending and your declared major or area of study.

5.  Your elementary, middle & high school Fine Arts involvement, including community activities.  Please list your involvement on a separate page.

6.  Please write a 500 page word essay explaining why you plan to pursue a Fine Arts education/continued pursuit in your Fine Arts interest and how you see your pursuits benefiting the future world.

Your application has been submitted, good luck!

An error occurred.Please check your application.

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