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February 2019 Minutes

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

FAME 2/21/19, 6:30 p.m. CFAME 2/21/19, 6:30 p.m. CCA Band/Chorus Meeting Room, CCAHS (DRAFT)

In attendance:  Linda McNiel, Kim O’Connell, David Raim, Nicole Alcorn, Quanda Hood, Carol Preston, Geoff Emmel,.

Geoff is checking with Nicole to find out if Alpha Graphics has completed the business membership and will add them to program inserts, if they are.

Geoff asked for update on upcoming spring concerts to attend or bring program inserts. He is going to print 100 inserts for the Monster Band concert, March 7.

Upcoming is the Tiffin Elementary Opera, March 12, Night of Jazz, April 6, Middle School Band Concert May 16. Ms. Williams and Geoff are working on a special musical program and may be able to incorporate the business ads into that, rather than an insert.

Will have a FAME table at Monster Band.

Will have preferred seating for FAME members at the Musical.

Minutes from the January 2019 meeting were approved. Kim moved to approve, Carol seconded. They will be files in the Google Drive and posted on the FAME webpage.

The Treasurer’s report - $182.02 was received from the Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser. There was one allocation given out in February. Income from the Debate Contest concessions will be on next month’s report.

Amy requested $1,000 from the Amana Community Chest and filled out the form.

Old Business – Fundraising, flyers. Geoff is checking with UICCU and Amana Family Practice for prize money, but if that doesn’t work out, FAME will sponsor the prizes.

Discussion about the 501c3 status, that was revoked in 2014. Will take about 6 months to be reinstated. Trying to set up a meeting with the CCA Foundation before the next regular FAME meeting, but have not received a response from them.

Pancake Breakfast - Geoff is picking up pancake mix Friday from Costco. Need to borrow long handled pancake flippers from someone. We need syrup, Kim and Geoff are working on that. Will need orange juice too. Kim is going to ask the Zierkes if they would help cook. Quanda is coordinating with the Pork Producers about pick up and pans for the sausage, as they can’t cook onsite. Silent Auction. No one has worked on this, so will omit the baskets this year.

Giving Tree – Carol is checking on status of the new plexiglass piece. Cost estimated at $50.

Bill Riley Talent Show – David Raims reported status. Marketing is going well. Quanda is helping. Need to change the year on the poster. Has been in the North Liberty Leader, the Amana Bulletin. Brian Kalkhoff will be doing light and sound. Would be good to ask Tracy Williams to have someone else there also to learn how to do light and sound. Bryan Mason may be able to help set up mics and stage. Kim said they may have a small concession stand and some food for judges, maybe a croissant tray from Costco. Hoping that Bill Riley will emcee, but not sure yet. Ben Macumber has done it in the past, but is busy this year. Amy offered Jeff Tackaberry to emcee. So far most of the contestants signed up are returning from last year. Currently we have 8 contestants in the Senior division, all from CCA and 10 in Sprouts, 5 from CCA and 5 from different places. There is a limit of 15 for each division. David has 2 of the 3 judges. He is waiting to hear back from some people. Prizes, FAME will sponsor the prizes. Waiting to hear from Mary Trimpe about the meal vouchers from McDonalds as a gift for all participants. Geoff is going to ask Subway if they would provide some sandwich vouchers. Amy is going to help backstage. Quanda distributed posters in North Liberty at Hills Bank, UICCU, Rec Center and North Bend Elementary. Amy suggested taking one to Heritage Christian School. Carol took some posters to Amana Pharmacy, Amana Elementary, Brau Haus, Caseys and the library. ? put some in Tiffin, The Depot, P.O. City of Tiffin will put up community notices on the electric sign.

Alpha Graphics has submitted a business member form and has offered $250 credit for posters, printing. After talent show and pancake breakfast poster printing, for $80, we have $170 in credit left.

Geoff is planning to check with South Slope and Linn Co Rec to see if they are interested in memberships.

Debate – Concessions didn’t sell well. May need to coordinate with Debate coach on getting the word out what we will be selling and put it on the debate contest website. Had about 150 kids on Saturday, and 60 on Friday. Not many parents came. Determined that the Debate program is part of speech. Amy shared some research she did on the definition of Fine Arts. Determined that Debate will get an account for the net profits from the concessions. The regular $300 allocation is for all Speech programs to share.

Linda suggested that we try online Quickbooks, for an approximate cost of $20. Approved unanimously.

New Business –

Kim and Amy are planning to step down for next year as officers, but plan to attend meetings and be involved.

SEIBA Honor Bands, April 17 MS, and April 27 at HS. They may need help with concessions. Kim will get more information from the band teachers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Next meeting - Monday February 11, 2019 at 6:30pm in the CCA Band/Chorus Meeting Room.

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