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August 2018 Minutes

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

FAME 08/13/18, 6:30 p.m. HS Commons, CCAHS

In attendance: Kim O’Connell, Linda McNiel, Nicole Alcorn, Tracy Williams, Amy Tackaberry, , Geoff Emmel, Carol Preston, Emily Chatfield, Mick and Amber Scheetz, Tammy Frame, Angie Greiner, Margaret Reihman, Mary and Kaitlyn Trimpe, Jen Bollers, Brian Mason.

Minutes from 7/16/2018 reviewed and approved with corrections.

Linda summarized the Treasurer’s Report and noted that the $6,900 in Teacher’s Allocations may change once she has an updated list of Fine Arts teachers. Approximately 23 teachers who will receive a $300 each allocation this coming school year. School funding for arts teachers is believed to stay the same this year. Brian Mason suggested the board consider raising the allocations. It was decided to stay with $300 this year.

Kim talked about the new membership model, $40 membership fee, which included a Perks card and T-shirt. Amy passed out the new brochure. Families get one t-shirt with membership and can buy additional shirts for $10 each. The Membership and Marketing Teams will be at all Back to School nights and currently have a Sign Up Genius to staff those.

Jen Bollers suggested that FAME talk with the school to get a link added to In Touch receipting for additional FAME donations. Kim has been talking with Laurie Haman to get FAME links on the school web page. Some talk of the school managing and updating all the booster club pages. Kim, Mick Scheetz and Nicole Alcorn are working on updating the FAME webpage. Nicole has talked with Bill DeVore and he will be giving her the log in information to modify it.

Nicole reported that the FAME membership committee set up a table at the Ice Cream Social after Band Camp on Saturday August 11. They handed out brochures and talked with most everyone who passed through. They received about 9 new memberships.

Barb Weise and Kim O’Connell currently make up the Scholarship Committee and asked Fine Arts faculty for feedback on developing a scholarship application. Tracy Williams,

Christine Maas and Stephanie Williamson met and created a draft of the scholarship application, which was shared at the meeting.

The FAME board decided to table the discussion on By-Laws, to give everyone more time to review.

In new business, the Marching Band has requested $2,700 to purchase an outdoor sound system, from the Colts. Currently the band does not have a sound system, and uses a portable amplifier. The board voted to approve.

Fruit Sales – Kim asked the attendees for a discussion about the pros and cons of continuing the Fruit Sale this year. She said that Bill DeVore, who has managed it in past years, does not have the time to devote to it this year. Mary Trimpe has helped, and is willing to take over the management of the sale. She suggested that they hand out packets and give a talk about the sale and sales strategies to Middle School and High School students, and to just leave forms with teachers at the Elementary Schools. Kim suggested voting on this issue of discontinuing the Fruit Sale, so that they could start planning. The discussion among the group indicated that receipts have been between 5-10k per year over the last 4 years, however there is decreasing interest among students to sell door to door. The process is time intensive and many Fine Arts students have various practices most every night leaving little time to sell the fruit. Tracy mentioned that the school is discouraging door to door fundraising, for safety concerns. Carol suggested that if we had a person willing to spearhead the sales that it wouldn’t hurt to continue the sale this year and use the year to explore other new fundraising ideas. Geoff said that the purpose of the membership model was to eliminate the Fruit Sale and other time consuming, more inefficient fundraising. Amy moved to table the vote.

Homecoming Parade – the Marketing Team is working on the parade.

Fundraising – There was a brief discussion on new ideas for fundraisers, such as a

Variety Show, from Tracy, or hosting Show Choir competitions from Brian. It was decided to table further fundraising discussions until a future meeting.

Next meeting - Monday September 10, 2018 at 6:30pm in the CCA Band/Chorus Meeting Room.

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