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January 2023 Agenda and Minutes

CC FAME Monthly Meeting

Monday, January 11th · 6:30 – 8:00pm

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  1. Approval of Minutes - No minutes from December as the meeting was canceled.

  2. Approval of Treasurer’s Report - LINK

    1. Quickbooks update: FInishing reconciliation, regular touchpoint to review.

    2. Taxes: FILED f

or 2021!!! Working on 2022!

  1. 3rd month of the accountant looking at the books. They have done lots of reconciling.

  2. Quanda and Lisa are going to review with them to continue to move things forward

  1. Activities:

    1. Upcoming events

      1. Show Choir Fundraisers

        1. T-Shirts for parents - this week

        2. There will also be one for the community members to help support show choir.

      2. FAME Fundraiser

        1. Mattress Sale - 3/26 - What are the mattresses and variety? Go to another sale and see a mattress. Quanda is going to check to see where others are happening.

      3. Costco


  1. Update - Lindsey - Pick Up around the rear of Costco around Mother’s Day and Graduation. Fern and Annual Pot and Perennial Pot. Limit choices.

  1. Speech Show Case - 16 Seniors - “Roses”-Thursday, Jan. 12th

    1. Quanda to order White and Blue Carns

  2. Monster Band - # of people

    1. Zs C

atering - Lindsey

  1. Rizuka’s - Quanda

  2. Walking Tacos - more a “bowl” - figuring out costs

    1. US Foods for Doritos

-Might not happen much longer due to size of band

  1. Musical Silent Auction

    1. Baskets-Use this list and reach out to different businesses/help put together a basket.

Please mark on the list who you have contacted and what you have received/picked up.

  1. District Needs

    1. Old - Marching Band Trailer Wrap - RFQs - no update

      1. Follow up with John/Laurie

    2. New - Marching Band Trailer - no update

    3. PAC Upgrades - meet with school and progress is being made, equipment ordered

and looking at what we can have done this year.

  1. Looking to fill out the South Slope Grant App to get additional funds

  1. Family Memberships

    1. For now $50 for Individual

    2. Tiers to be set up - SWAG in progress - Targeting 2023/2024 School Year

  2. Business Memberships

    1. Business Letter

    2. Need help to reach out to other businesses.

  3. Senior Banners

    1. John handed out the senior banners and asked for the funds to be taken from the Band Account.

  4. By-Laws

  1. Review and Any Changes?

  2. Approve - January 2023

  1. Biennial Report for FAME to the Secretary of State early in 2023 - Quanda


Next Meeting - February 13th via Zoom

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