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October 2023 Agenda and Minutes

CCA FAME Monthly Meeting

Monday, October 23, 2023 · 6:30 – 7:30pm

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Attendees: Lindsey Downes, Becky Bethke, Lisa Parsels, Kurt Ronnfeldt, Kelly Scheiltz, Gabby Bauer-Olson, Peg Van Zante, Jill Daly, Mary Trimpe

Facilitator: Lindsey Downes

Note taker: Becky Bethke

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Statement of Activity and Financial Position

  1. Events

  2. Tidal Wave Car Wash has a digital fundraiser. - Winter Fundraiser

  3. Would someone be willing to volunteer and reach out to make arrangements setting up this fundraiser?

  4. Looking to do this some time in Jan or Feb.

  5. Light Up Oxford - date - 12/1

  6. We will do some gift wrapping, signs, and just work to get our name out in OXford.

  7. Possibly be there from 6-8pm

  8. Need Sign Up Genius

  9. How many people?

  10. One or two shifts?

  11. Have two one-hour shifts.

  12. Have at least two people per shift.

  13. Need better advertising and signage.

  14. Signage - Quanda

  15. Reach out to Brittany about carollers - would someone be willing to volunteer reaching out?

  16. Gabby is a music teacher at CCE. They will bring 5th graders and some high schoolers.

  17. West Music – possible gift wrapping event (Sherry Worthington, VP at West Music)

  18. Saturdays and Sundays starting the weekend after Thanksgiving through the Saturday before Christmas.

  19. Sounds like the money could be good.

  20. Have two hour shifts the weekends before Christmas?

  21. Group make final decision on yes or no?

  22. Any additional information needed to make a decision?

  23. Decision is no due to timing.

  24. Iowa Hawkeyes - Quanda

  25. Working on picking one or two upcoming dates. Should be locked in by next meeting.

  26. Options - review and pick two dates and two alternates (just in case) the primary dates are not available.

  27. Dec 10 (Sunday)

  28. Dec 12 (Tuesday)

  29. Dec 20 (Wednesday)

  30. Dec 29 (Friday)

  31. Jan 6 (Saturday)

  32. Jan 12 (Friday)

  33. Jan 20 (Saturday)

  34. Jan 24 (Wednesday)

  35. Feb 2 (Friday)

  36. Feb 11 (Sunday)

  37. Feb 17 (Saturday)

  38. Feb 27 (Tuesday)

  39. March 10 (Sunday)

  40. We will send out an editable excel for everyone to vote on the days to do. Becky to send this out.

  41. CCA Concessions

  42. All concession that have officially been scheduled are in a sign up genius:

  43. Concessions

  1. Average earnings at CCA concessions is minimum $400.

  2. Fruit sales - Lindsey

  3. Update

  4. Continue to help get the word out. Share mobile images. Asking folks to just send to five people they know.

  5. Pickup is Friday Dec 8th at the HS from 4-8pm.

  6. Orders due November 3rd.

  7. Summer Carnival - summer 2024

  8. Confirming - Kelly are we good to share out the signup genius?

  9. Yes, good to send out.

  10. Monster Band

  11. Checking with Chris.

  12. Currently scheduled for Tuesday, May 14th.

  13. Will not be held in the gym. Tentatively at Centennial Park in North Liberty.

  14. Possibly have some food trucks?

  15. Contact List Review - Michelle would like to see if we have the full list of show choir folks and make sure we have our list updated. Quanda to give Michelle access to the back-end of the website to have access to the list. - Invitation sent, Michelle should have access to review the contacts in our website. If any assistance is needed to navigate please reach out.

  16. Did not review - Michelle not on meeting

  17. Mattress Sale - spoke with contact, working on date for the Spring.

  1. Past Events

  2. N/A at the moment

  1. District Needs

  2. Trailer Band Wraps

  3. Chris wanted to pause until after Marching Band Season.

  4. Quanda to get back with him on status and next steps.

  5. Next step is getting bids from approved vendors. Kurt is not sure if there are more approved vendors that do this kind of work. Kurt to follow-up with Chris to see if he has gotten the list of approved vendors yet.

  6. PAC Upgrades -

  7. Invoices of what was paid could not be found by district. Copies sent and resolved.

  8. We do need to decide about the contractor needed to finish the work.

  9. Price is $1800

  10. We have $1,289.74 in the PAC Upgrade account left for this project.

  11. We can tell them that is all we are able to pay.

  12. We can push for more quotes but even if they get them and that will delay this getting completed further, there’s no guarantee they will go with who we prefer so group just needs to decide what we want to do.

  13. Lisa votes to just go ahead and pay it.

  14. Peg seconds the vote to just go ahead and pay it.

  15. Quanda talking to Chris about starting an AV club.

  1. Family Memberships

  2. Tier I - $50 - Live

  3. Tier II - $75 - Still in progress.

  4. We will also have membership cards, and Quanda will try to have FAME seating at events.

  5. Quanda is working on a digital card that folks can keep on their phone and show at events. Stil lin progress.

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