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October 2018 Minutes

FAME 10/8/18, 6:30 p.m. CCA Band/Chorus Meeting Room, CCAHS

In attendance: Kim O’Connell, Angie Greiner, Linda McNiel, Nicole Alcorn, Quanda Hood, Tracy Williams, , Geoff Emmel, Carol Preston, Mick and Amber Scheetz, Troy Wolfs, David and Linda Hamilton.

News, Marching band is wrapping up. Concert band, show choir, vocal concerts are starting. Quanda is updating the events in Facebook.

The Membership committee should have a presence at the concerts. Decided that it is not necessary at competitions, and events like the WaMAC Honor Choir, since many attendees will be from outside of the district, but will try to have FAME membership table at all concerts, elementary, middle school and high school.

Minutes from 9/10/2018 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Linda summarized the Treasurer’s Report. There is $6,153.54 after allocations. She may add a line for membership income.

Memberships - As of 10/8/2018 there were 30 members.

Fundraising/ Business Memberships – Geoff, Jeff, Angie, Mick and Annette Hansen ( are working on business memberships. Their goal is to get 20. They will give us business cards for the ads and we’ll scan and use in the program insert. Carol will be sending out Thank you, receipt letters and forward the ads or business cards to Mick Scheetz for inclusion in the insert. His goal is to get it produced for the Fall play and concerts. Also send to Quanda to give a shoutout on Facebook.

Nicole has sent out a request to all teachers to gather a comprehensive list of all concerts. We are missing some from the middle school, Mr. Burkhart, and Amana Elementary, Emily Chatfield.

Team working on Membership Tables for concerts are Suzanne Schloss, Mick and Amber Scheetz, Susand Liddiard. Susan will do a Sign Up Genius for staffing the tables. Amber will remind her.

No update on Perks or Fundraising ideas. Carol suggested we have a Fundraising Workshop for brainstorming. Mrs. Williams is working on a military band showcase event.

WaMAC Honor Band – November 5, 2018. There will be about 400 students. The kitchen has been reserved and Kim is working on alfredo and marinara sauce, pasta, salads, garlic bread, lemonade and water. Will ask parents to donate desserts. Amy is working on the director’s dinner.

Linda has the squares to use at events for purchases and memberships. User will need to load the app on their phone or tablet. FAME has an account and user will need to sign in.

Website – Quanda, Mick and Troy will work on getting the website updated and working. The website will be able to accept orders for fruit sales and memberships.

Fruit Sales packets were passed out. Barb sent off PR to put on the radio and in the news. Distribution date is 12/1 at Hummer on Hwy 6 near Homestead.

The Anchor ad will run in 3 consecutive ads. FAME paid $175 total. Amy is going to write up the ad, promo for concerts, and memberships by 10/26.

Fall Play, cookies for fall play intermission. Hills Bank often donates to the play or the musical and FAME purchases for the other one. Geoff is going to ask the North Liberty HyVee for a donation.

Paul Corbiere requested money from FAME to help purchase marimbas for use at the Tiffin Elementary school. He is requesting $1,000. $300 would be from his annual allocation. The board tabled the discussion, pending more information from Paul.

2019/2020 sound system purchase for the marching band from the Colt Cadets. There is no $ amount yet. Tabled.

Mr. Smith wants to host a Marching Band Competition next school year. Possibly 10/19/19.

Money collected from parent donations for purchase of pizza for the cancelled Muscatine marching band competition will be used to purchase the main entrees for the potluck on 10/21/2018.

Margaret Reihman would like to host an Opera Iowa Clinic and Show for elementary students. The cost is $2,000 and would be in April.

Next meeting - Monday November 12, 2018 at 6:30pm in the CCA Band/Chorus Meeting Room.

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