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July 2019 Minutes

FAME 7/8/19, 6:30 p.m. Quanda Hoods’ home

In attendance:   Linda McNiel, Kim O’Connell, Quanda Hood, Lisa Persels, Amber and Mick Scheetz, Carol Preston, Geoff Emmel

Minutes – Approved May minutes. Carol will change Geoff’s Team role to Fundraising, rather than Marketing. Amy Tackaberry was working on the June minutes, but couldn’t attend the July meeting.

Treasurer’s Report – Linda gave an oral report. Tracy purchased sheet music for $165, Flaherty bought music stands for $1,000. There is $2,350 in unspent yearly allocations that will go back into the general fund. Linda will consolidate the Choir and Show Choir fund. There is a bank balance of $43,683, and approximately 20,000 in the general fund. Linda will work on putting some funds for the scholarships into CDs or a money market account. Recipients of scholarships need to send in a reimbursement form and then Linda will write a check for those. Linda has not yet set up accounts in Quickbooks but will be working on those soon. She has set up the monthly subscription. Linda mentioned that Amy Tackaberry had received a $1,000 donation from the Amana Community Chest. Carol has asked Amy for the contact information, so that FAME can apply again next year, but has not heard back from her.

Team Reports – Michelle Emmel created a video presentation of FAME and it will be used at concerts and events. It provides an overview of what FAME does and includes advertisements from our Business Members. This will be used in place of the program inserts.

Brief discussion about creating a budget, teacher wish lists, and promoting certain purchases with membership and donations.

Scholarships and Fundraising – Mick asked about increasing the number of scholarships or the amounts, and if we needed to increase our fundraising goals. No decision was made.

Fruit Sales – Need more volunteers this year to process orders, and will encourage more online sales.

Marching band uniforms. Quanda received more information from Mr. Smith. The uniforms are $325 each, and there is about a 6 month lead time to order them. Lisa Persels had done an inventory this spring and determined that they don’t need any more uniforms this year, but will in the next couple years. Lisa suggested setting a reminder to check with Mr. Smith about February 2020 to get a good count and be able to order uniforms for use the following fall.

Kim was going to forward the email from January 2018, where Jenn Broghammer had a conversation with Mr. Kuehl about sharing the cost of 50 uniforms to be purchased March 2019. The school agreed to purchase 35 and at the time FAME thought they would purchase 15. There was discussion about possibly buying 25 uniforms a year for the next few years, but there was a question of color not matching. Also band needs more smaller concert uniforms and choir may need some more attire as well. FAME will discuss uniforms at the August meeting. Lisa agreed to be the uniform point person.

It was decided that FAME would invite teachers to the August 12 meeting to get input from them and ask them to bring wish lists and ideas for how FAME can help the Fine Arts programs. Quanda will be sending them a note. Carol will send out notice of the meeting to all FAME members.

The Band Car Wash fundraiser is Saturday August 17. Quanda will check about advertising and inventory. The locations are not yet determined.

501c3 – Acknowledgement from the IRS has been received, but no further development.

Co-Chair – Lisa Persels was voted in as the new Co-Chair, by unanimous vote.

Quanda said that she hadn’t started working on a new membership database yet.

Kim suggested that the google password be changed. Carol will change it and send that to Quanda, Linda, Lisa, Amber and Nicole.

Backpack – need to get all the upcoming events and information into the Backpack since it is still going out during the summer.

Quanda is working with Cynthia Bunten at Alpha Graphics on window clings.

Band was considering having a social event for marching band members after the drill camp and ice cream social on August 24. The cost was going to be about $300 for a pool party at the North Liberty pool. FAME determined that they would not pay for this event, since they are paying for pizza for the Freshman camp August 2, sandwiches for the Leadership Camp, August 3, and an Ice Cream Social for the entire band and parents, but that Band could use funds from their account if they chose to. FAME will create a Sign Up Genius for water and sides for the Freshman Camp.

Choir risers – Ms. Williams had previously announced that the school would agree to purchase some new risers for the choir. She communicated with Kim and Quanda about a desire to purchase more and a better quality and is asking FAME to help with that purchase in the amount over what the school is willing to pay. Ms. Williams email in quotes

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:23 p.m.

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